PixiJS Day 4

A day of making working code visible.

Concept of Preloader appeared with basic interface:



  • show()
  • hide()
  • setBg(image:Image)
  • setBar(image:Image)
  • setPercentage(int:Int)
  • getPercentage():Int
  • ————– PixiJS version may include ————–
  • setLoader(loader:Loader)
  • getLoader():Loader


11:30 – Challenge – Way of developing through mobile

20:55 – It went quite well do I guess I’ll add first button to change screen 🙂


3 thoughts on “PixiJS Day 4

  1. It seems preloader with percentage shown is not that straight forward.
    Initial implementation of Loader in PixiJS only dispatches an event on file loaded not including bytes etc. There is a way of loading raw data via XHR, but it is relatively daunting task.

    It seems not all assets/resources can be loaded via pure PixiJS.
    Sounds for example require pixi-sound.js.

    For the sounds – you cannot make it play directly after load.
    It requires user interaction with the page to be played!


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