PixiJS Day277

If you have ??? instead of ‘żżż’ on your screen – this is encoding issue.

They come in many colors:

  1. Your file is not UTF-8. You can check this with Notepad++. Some IDEs like Visual Studio 2019 have ANSI as default file save encoding. This needs to be changed.
  2. Your initial HTML is not UTF-8. You need to add meta tag with charset=”utf-8″ attribute in the head section.
  3. Your text in file is already save not in UTF-8 format. Make sure your file is saved as UTF-8 (look 1.) and retype the string.
  4. You are passing raw invalid information. You need to use and pass encoded variable – encodeURI(variable) and use the decoded one – decodeURI(variable).
  5. Your inner loaded JS is not UTF-8. You need to add charset=”utf-8″ attribute in the script src tag.

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