PixiJS Day277

If you have ??? instead of ‘żżż’ on your screen – this is encoding issue.

They come in many colors:

  1. Your file is not UTF-8. You can check this with Notepad++. Some IDEs like Visual Studio 2019 have ANSI as default file save encoding. This needs to be changed.
  2. Your initial HTML is not UTF-8. You need to add meta tag with charset=”utf-8″ attribute in the head section.
  3. Your text in file is already save not in UTF-8 format. Make sure your file is saved as UTF-8 (look 1.) and retype the string.
  4. You are passing raw invalid information. You need to use and pass encoded variable – encodeURI(variable) and use the decoded one – decodeURI(variable).
  5. Your inner loaded JS is not UTF-8. You need to add charset=”utf-8″ attribute in the script src tag.

PixiJS Day76

Polishing what’s left and made game on a glimpse:


  • MenuLevel
    • Done
  • OverlayMenu
    • Earth condition indicator
  •  ScannerLevel
    • consistency graph
    • sounds
  • MonsterLevel
    • points recognition update
    • item vanishing
    • sounds
  • MapLevel
    • raw minerals collection popup
    • sounds
  • ScoreLevel
    • name display
    • result display
    • time display
    • indicator display
    • sending points to server
  • EndLevel
    • Done

PixiJS Day72

First issue noticed on mobile:

  • mousedown not working as intended on mobile – should use Buttons or Touch Events instead
  • music sounds different
  • need of full screen emerges

PixiJS Day71

Nihil novi sub sole.

  • JS context – always a pain
  • .on .off for handling event (jQuery style)

According to plan:

  • PixiJS text fields [DONE]
  • Points system
  • Add containers to Monster Level [DONE]
  • Timer system
  • Finish Monster Level [IN PROGRESS]

PixiJS Day69 ;)

Dev in progress after heavy weekend.


  • JS scope current solution let context=this
  • Mitigate “this” with context refrence since this gets “rebuild” in each concurrent function call scope


  • JS Enums

PixiJS Day67

Dev at full speed (during nights) minus family activities (16h+).


I finally understood JS scope and it is very annoying to keep the right context.

Self managing it by this.context=this or let context=this is the current approach.


  • Complete all views
  • Complete game loop

Main issues:

  • PixiJS event listeners take function name as param therefore cannot call context.funcName(context)

PixiJS Day66

After whole cosmos of gap in development I have started more activities in recent 3 days.

Main observation:

  • create views
  • create methods for view
  • create controlers

Main issues:

  • JS scope is nightmare
    • I am currently using methods that take context parameter to run inner method on that context example:
      • scannerBarShown(context) {
    • There must be a better way, but this is how I am making sure calling a function will not generate “not a function” error.
  • GSAP tweens updated to most recent version (3.0.1) – backwards compatible
  • JS dispatch events unuable since they are designed for DOM elements (not custom object)
  • NPM works only on dedicated servers (unless provider will install packages for you)

Current development:

PixiJS Day 4

A day of making working code visible.

Concept of Preloader appeared with basic interface:



  • show()
  • hide()
  • setBg(image:Image)
  • setBar(image:Image)
  • setPercentage(int:Int)
  • getPercentage():Int
  • ————– PixiJS version may include ————–
  • setLoader(loader:Loader)
  • getLoader():Loader


11:30 – Challenge – Way of developing through mobile

20:55 – It went quite well do I guess I’ll add first button to change screen 🙂