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Gra dla Fundacji Zdrowe Ząbki.

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Bar Combat

You are in a bar waiting for your well deserved meal. Your hunger and frustration grow as you wait impatiently. You look around and you see a lot of pissed off people also waiting to eat. The heat, flies and hunger are becoming unbearable. Suddenly: a power surge – the shit hits the fan, everyone goes apeshit, fights spontaneously erupt in bars all over town.
Bar Combat is a fighting game filled with blood and humor. Your task is to wipe the floor with your opponents.
Select one of three characters: GrandMa, GrandPa or Hooligan and do what needs to be done. Beat your opponents into a pulp on three difficulty levels in different pubs.
Humor & Gore levels are outrageous! Fight hard to earn that meal. Good luck…
Blood, guts, fight, bar, fighter, combat, mortal, football, death, boxing,…

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